Karaoke Fun

ROXI Sing With The Stars is our karaoke-style feature. Grab the microphone and duet with all your favourite artists. On-screen lyrics for 10s of thousands of songs.

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Music Quizzes

Battle it out with ROXI Name The Song, our fabulous music trivia game, featuring millions of songs.

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Worldwide Radio

The ultimate in radio. Tune in to 10s of 1000s programmes. News, popular culture, sport and of course… music.

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Ambient soundscapes

ROXI Sound Machine provides the perfect background sounds for chilling, meditation and yoga. It can even help get baby to sleep.

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Family Protect

From time to time music can be a bit offensive. Don’t worry. Just turn on Family Protect, any songs marked with explicit lyrics will just disappear.


In addition to ROXI’s beautiful built-in visualisers you can display your personal photo albums and pictures from Facebook or Google.

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